A dispersed campsite under ancient California Oaks in Las Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara

A young couple walks on a board walk over looking a marsh in an ecological perserve outside of Guadalupe, CA>

On a boardwalk over the marshes in a ecological reserve outside of Guadalupe, CA

A man and his dog hike through the Arizona desert on a trail.

Outside of Quartzsite, Arizona

A sign designating Inyo National Forest in California, Eastern Sierras

Inyo National Forest, California

​Two kayakers departing with Morro Rock in the background

Two kayakers departing with Morro Rock in the background.

Backpacking near a Gold-Rush era wyre in Los Padres National Forest. 

Dispersed camping in South Lake Tahoe. 

Fisherman on the dunes near Monterey, CA.   

Misty pine with a coastal sage background.

Misty pine with a coastal sage background. 

A man and his dog on the trail, Arizona.

A man and his dog on the trail, Arizona. 

Water dog games in Barker Lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

A woman hikes through the golden alder trees in Inyo National Forest, California, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Walking through the autumn alder trees on a hike in the eastern Sierras. 

Sunset on Palm Canyon in Arizona with a painted converted van in view.

Palm Canyon, Arizona

An ancient skeleton of a model T ford in the back hills of the Santa Ynez Wilderness. 

A red dirt forest road in Coconino National Forest outside of Sedona, Arizona.

Coconino Nat'l Forest

A night-time exposure of a fire, camper and a tent.

Night time fire 

Two Backpackers on Sample Meadow Trail,  Kaiser Wilderness, California

Two Backpackers on Sample Meadow Trail,  Kaiser Wilderness, California

Two hammocks are silhouetted against a blue lake with a dog tied to a tree.

Hammock Camp at Upper Twin Lakes, Kaiser Wilderness

Afternoon light illuminates a landscape with the Chocolate Mountains in the distance with Saguaro catus in the foreground.

Saguaros and the Chocolate Mountains in Arizona

A man cooking dinner on a camp fire.

Fireside Gourmet, near Idyllwild, California

Wild Lupines

Wild Lupines 

A man pokes the fire on a misty pine tree covered campsite.

Little Thomas Mountain, California 

A man looking at a map on a table in camp, laughing.

Planning our next spot

A man walks back to his ten in a pine forest with red dirt outside of Sedona, AZ.

Outside of Sedona, Arizona

A grey REI tent set up under a pine tree in the mist.

Camping under the pines

Hiking the road back to camp in Palm Canyon, AZ.

Palm Canyon Road, Arizona

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