Waiting for the overnight train to depart in Thessaloniki, Greece, a passenger smokes her cigarette.

Chef Mario Moser surveys the dining room of the Flying Pig in Oceanside, California, before the dinner rush of the evening begins.

Lead wrangler Troy sits with the public in Modoc National Forest after the day's wild horse roundup is complete

An early morning swimmer plays and floats in the water outside of Riomaggiore, one of the five coastal Italian cities in Cinque Terre.

Barbara Corelis, 14, tries on her shoes before getting ready for her first middle school dance.

Teriyaki chicken is cooked over open flame by volunteers at the Oceanside Samoan Cultural Celebration.

Josh Huss and Kristine Freeman wait in line at Peterson's Donut Corner in Escondido, CA.

Paralympian Ankeel Whitehead jumps high in the air at the Chula Vista Olympic Training center, in preparation for the 2012 Olympic trials in Indianapolis.  

Bryce Vanderniet, MiraCosta College student, plants seeds in the NCCS's Community Roots garden bed during "Alternate Spring Break" hosted by the college's service learning program.

A whispered secret in the Monstraki district of Athens, Greece. 

Father and son look into the makeshift harbor outside Jeselnik, Croatia. 

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